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Honors College

In order to adapt for rapid technology evolution and integration, the Ministry of Education gave its approval to the establishment of ¡§Honors College¡¨ at Taiwan Tech in February 2008. Currently, the Honors College holds five institutes. Initially, in 2008, the Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology (originally named the ¡§Graduate Institute of Engineering¡¨ and renamed in August 2011) and the University Inter-discipline Classes for Bachelor were subsumed to the Honors College. In 2009, ¡§Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering¡¨ was established. Later, the ¡§Graduate Institute of Patent¡¨ and the ¡§Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology¡¨ were launched in 2010 and 2011 for the enhancement of teaching and research diversity.

Referring to many well-known universities in the late twentieth century, the Honors College has conducted an advanced concept of ¡§later decision on the majors of departments¡¨ for Bachelor students. Moreover, in order to recruit excellent scholars and upgrade the research levels, the university appointed internationally renowned scholars as chair professors and they are given full support to build up his/her own research team.